Insurance companies

Group Health, Group Life, Group Retirement Benefits, and Group Accident benefits are key business lines for insurance companies in India and help them to achieve targeted business and profit growth and overall market share.  However, these business lines are very competitive and to be successful insurance companies require thorough understanding about the market, competition, customer expectations, financial underwriting, provider management and customer service deliverables.  Vantage Consulting can lend its expertise to the insurance companies in the following areas:

Employee Benefit Products Design

Vantage Consulting team has long and detailed understanding of insurance product design and implementation in the employee benefits space.  For our insurance company clients we provide the following services in this area:

Strategic Business Planning& Portfolio Analysis

Vantage Consulting can conduct a detailed analysis of the current employee benefits products portfolio of an insurance company and then help them to restructure and reposition their sales, marketing, and customer servicing efforts so that they achieve leadership position in the marketplace.

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