Employee Health Management

A holistic approach towards employee and organizational wellness (well-being) is Health Management and it involves a continued process of awareness and well informed choices for a state of good health or well being. Health management is holistic and multidimensional, envisaging all the aspects of Health, which is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Customized health management solutions ensure integrated health and wellness measures working together effectively and provide targeted support to the employees across the complete health spectrum, irrespective of their health status, to maintain or improve individual and thereby corporate health.



A carefully developed EHM program can be a formidable competitive advantage, not only because it helps contain costs long term, but also due to the associated gains in productivity and positive impact on employee engagement and talent management.

Vantage Consulting have the consulting expertise with in-depth understanding of the global and local health management scenario to plan, design, execute, deliver and monitor health management strategy of an organization.

Our EHM services can be presented under the following categories:

Comprehensive health risk management solution framework:

We provide organizations customized health management solutions based on in depth review and analysis of its health data from all the available sources, review of health benefits, insurance policy, HR policies and employee behavior.

We also conduct 360 degree Organizational Health Risk Evaluation that involves multi-point data analysis, health risk identification and data correlation for developing organizational risk profiling across the complete health continuumand targeted health management solutions that caters to specific risks identified.

Individual Health And Personal wellness Index (HAPI)

Vantage’s online health risk assessment campaign consisting of health risk assessment tool, employee engagement collaterals, personalized individual reports with take action page and corporate report

EHM strategy consulting

Our health management team is dedicated to finding the right solution for your business and your employees. As a part of strategic consulting we understand your business needs, objectives and areas of concern and help you define health & wellness vision, guiding principles and strategy for the wellness initiatives.

Customized Health Management Program Design and Implementation

Vantage Consulting helps corporates to develop customized health management program designs and framework that caters to the employee needs, addresses the organizational risks identified, and is aligned to corporate strategy and objectives. A targeted, customized and integrated programs would drive engagement, promote responsibility and accountability, help participants manage health risk and chronic conditions and reduce absence.

Vendor selection is as important as customized program design to ensure appropriate program delivery to achieve the objectives set.With the rapid evolution of wellness vendor market there are numerous vendors offering multiple wellness programs of varying depth, breadth and quality.This necessitates the need for proper evaluation and alignment of the program design to ensure alignment to the vision. Our expert panel of consultants helpsto evaluate the vendors and programs with recommendation on best option available.

Health management program review & monitoring

We at Vantage Consulting believe in providing end to end solution on Employee health management. Hence we not only provide consultation and support for implementing the wellness program, but also keep very close eye on the progress happening in the organization so that the expected goal of developing financially and socially healthy organization will be achieved.

Customized corporate, market survey

Vantage Consulting can provide organizations the latest cutting-edge thinking about health and wellness, and create ways to understand the market best practices and prevalence by conducting an end-to-end customised market survey and research on topics of your interest and need.

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”