Benefits Consulting

Benefits Strategy Formulation

We at Vantage Consulting believe that employee benefit programs in an organization are defined by following three factors:

Organizations have to take cognizance of each aspect of the above three factors and then create competitive, differentiated and innovative benefit plans for their employees. Vantage Consulting team, through its understanding of global benefit practices and local market dynamics, help the organizations to formulate a detailed benefit strategy which creates the roadmap for the organizations to design, implement, communicate and monitor their benefit plans in the short, medium and long term.

Benefits Benchmarking

Vantage Consulting conducts benchmarking surveys to help clients devise market relevant benefit programs. The surveys provide relevant data-points and enable the client take informed decisions regarding the benefit design plan.

When the standard benchmarking reports don’t meet the need, Vantage designs and executes customised benchmarking survey where the clients define the benefits, peer group and the report formats.

Benefits Design, Harmonization, & Rationalization

Vantage Consulting helps clients design, implement and determine effectiveness of benefits programs. It enables us to ensure the benefits program of our clients addresses the needs of diverse workforce, multiple industries, various locations and divergent demographics.

This service is used extensively by organizations with a large geographical footprint, companies with multiple subsidiaries and entities involved in a merger or acquisition.

We help clients with 6 step process to implement Benefits Design Programs and assess their effectiveness – Study, Design, Develop, Implementation, Communicate and Measure.

Mergers and acquisitions are key to business evolution for any successful business organization. Vantage Consulting helps organizations with benefits rationalization, harmonization and implementation during the merger/acquisition process.

Operational Review & Audit of Benefit Programs

Review and Audit programs enable the client to revise their current programs and estimate effectiveness of service providers. This service has a direct impact on the efficiency of the delivery methodologies.

Where do we stand? What is the benefit of providing the benefits that we are offering? What do our employees feel about it? Are our service providers giving us the best in the market?

All these questions are important and hence it’s imperative to review the current offering along with the performance of the all the service providers.

Vantage Consulting reviews the current benefit programs of its clients and provides a detailed evaluation of the effectiveness and value of the benefits program.

Employee Communication

Employee communication for benefit programs can be of three categories:

  1. Generic Communication for common benefits that affects all employees
  2. Targeted Communication that is relevant to only certain smaller sections of employees
  3. Tactical Communication that is linked to certain events in the organization or lives of employees

Vantage Consulting believes that engaging communication that ensures the message is delivered in a relevant manner makes the maximum impact. We provide comprehensive communication solutions for our clients that include:

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”