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Work Life Balance

“There’s no such thing as work-life balance. There’s work, and there’s life and there’s no balance,” was very well-said by Sheryl Sandberg , the chief operating officer of Facebook, a mother of two, and an outspoken advocate for women leaders.


Care For Your Heart - It’s All about a Single Heart Beat!

The first cell starts to beat as early as we are 4 weeks in the womb and does not stop until death! Our heart keeps us going without a break. We probably don't think about it often, yet it continues to pump blood, with its faithful, steady beat, to all the organs to keep one healthy.


Employee Benefits - the key to increased shareholder value?

In 2013, an independent study conducted by Great Places to Work Institute, found that companies in India who were identified as “Great Places to Work” in 2008, achieved 127% market return between 2008 and 2012 – more than 3 times of the general market (BSE) return of 34% during the same period.


Do We Know Where The Line Is?

A manager walks into the office and greets everyone –“Morning all” and then he turns around to a female colleague and says- “Morning honey how was your weekend? Hope you had fun” and passes a smirk and a wink.


Annual Employee Health Checkup – where is the ROI??

Many organizations today in India are enthusiastically implementing annual health check-up programs for their employees. It is viewed as a key component of the employee wellness initiative in the organization. Surely the pathology labs have little interest in helping the organizations to take a logical view in this regard.


Wellness and Health Management Strategy: What is in it for you?

A strategically crafted health management program can be a formidable competitive advantage, not only because it helps address health risk and there by contain cost, but also encourages employee engagement, productivity and help create a culture of health.


All Industries Benefits Benchmarking Report 2014

Vantage Consulting’s ‘All Industries Benefits Benchmarking Report’ helps Human Resources and Business Managers to assess their employee benefits across 6 key employee benefits – Health, Insurance, Wellness, Leave, Retirement/ Separation and Travel Insurance versus the market.

What’s inside:

  • Detailed benchmarked data for all the 6 key benefits
  • Key market trends
  • Vantage Consulting’s perspective


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All Industries Benefits Benchmarking Report 2014

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