Vantage Values


We conduct ourselves in a fair and rightful manner while dealing with our business partners

We are there when needed most,

We treat our associates fairly


We, the associates are free to take actions for the benefit of the client without always having to wait for approvals

We, the associates are free to seek opportunities, facilities, growth & answers

We are free to speak for what is right and against what is not


We are viewed as a capable, fair and trusted partner

We value our associates as individuals and not as resources; treat everyone with dignity and courtesy

We respect different approaches and points of view and work towards co-existing in a mutually beneficial way

Continuous Improvement

We work towards making our tomorrow better than what today is


We Do and Say what is “right as defined by our conscience”

We do as we say

We accept responsibility for our mistakes if any

Client Centricity

At the “CORE”

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Our Vision & Mission

To be India’s most trusted advisor for client well-being

To be the “port of call” for corporates in India for any project related to employee benefits

Attract best talents by creating a transparent, trusting and learning environment in the organization

Why Us?






At Vantage Consulting, we believe knowledge signifies “wisdom”. The great Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle defined wisdom (“phronesis” in Greek) as “the capability to consider the mode of action in order to deliver change, especially to enhance the quality of life”.see more

Wisdom is not simply a skill, as it involves not only the ability to decide how to achieve a certain end, but also the ability to reflect upon and determine the end.

Our team of consultants brings together high level of technical knowledge in their individual areas of expertise, coupled with years of actual design and implementation experience in the areas of health care financing and insurance, employee benefits, human resource management and employee health & wellness management. We believe that the rich combination of technical expertise and relevant experience of our consultants creates appropriate “wisdom” through which they can understand the organizational / operational issues of our clients and then frame and execute the solutions that help them to achieve their aspired goals.

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Innovation is not about “doing things differently” but “thinking differently”, it is not about focusing on the “processes and methods” but on the “underlying philosophies” that is driving them.see more

The external manifestations of actual actions, initiatives, and programs have to be driven by an internal mindset that will everyday believe and drive innovation.

Rather than focusing on just designing and implementing initiatives / programs, Vantage first works with its customers to develop the core philosophy that will drive the initiative. Development of the core philosophy takes into consideration the corporate vision and mission of an organization, their value system, their aspirations and their motivating factors. Once the core philosophy is defined and documented we create and execute customized programs / initiatives which are in line with the core philosophies.

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“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea”Antoine de Saint-Exuperysee more

Enrolling is not about getting people to sign on. It is about reaching people at a fundamental level and making them bigger champions of the mission than you. It is about participants taking complete ownership. It does not happen through numbers or targets – it happens through a belief in a cause.

Whether in employee benefit and health management programs or business projects, creating the right perceived value and belief among the participants or team members, is key to the overall success. Vantage first works on understanding the demographic and professional background and their personal aspirations of the participants / team members, then review the goals set by the organization. We then combine all the factors to develop an appropriate engagement and communication program for the whole initiative. This ensures high level of commitment, belief and participation of employees / team members leading to success of the programs / initiatives.

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“The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strengths from distress, and grows brave by reflection”Thomas Paine
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At Vantage Consulting we approach our clients with a deep respect for their business goals and organizational requirements. Our aim is not to showcase our knowledge and expertise, but to create customized and appropriate solutions for each of our corporate clients, so as to enhance their competitive advantage and organizational effectiveness. Even under tightest of deadlines and toughest of deliverables, we are never satisfied until our client is. Our endeavor every day is to be the most trusted advisor of our clients.

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